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What do I need to make funeral arrangements?
All that is needed to make funeral plans is the desire to come to terms with death and be willing to discuss your final arrangements openly and without any stress or pressure. We have found that the difference between families that have made pre- arrangements and those that make arrangements at the time of the death are vastly different. Those with pre- arrangements are able to be with family and start the grieving process much sooner , as all the details of the funeral arrangements are done, thus making it easier to face the challenges of the mourning process.

Can I preplan my own funeral?
Yes, absolutely, whether you decide to make your arrangements or take advantage of our pre-plan program the greatest advantage to the staff here is that we have your decisions on paper. Most often at the time of death there is confusion about what the loved one really wanted for their final wishes, if we have your wishes on paper, this makes the family very comfortable following through with your wishes.

Should I come alone to make arrangements?
We would suggest that you do not come alone to make arrangements, it can be stressful and many questions are asked, a second opinion can be very helpful. Many times a clergy may want to be with you during arrangements to discuss the services. We would suggest that the number of people at arrangements be limited to a small group so that the focus is kept on making the arrangements. Large groups tend to go off on tangents this can complicate matters at hand.

What will I need to bring?

What is needed at arrangements are all vital statistics about the individual, military papers, photos if that will be a part of the service, clothing, anything you wished displayed, family member names, spellings and locations, and cemetery information if available.

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